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ICT integration in School Education - Article by Prem Mohan

It addresses the few questions: Should it be centralized or state based? What is the importance of Android Mobile Educational/Game Based Applications in ICT? How can we use Cloud Technology for hassle free functioning of applications/software required for school education? How can we minimize the risk of server down, data corruption/loss or hacking problem? How to get benefits from Social Media for Technology Advancement and Professional Development? Crowd sourcing of knowledge with holistic approach can also provide a hand to succeed. Feasibility of regional languages uses in Mobile Applications and FOSS tools uses like FOSSEE (A joint effort of MHRD and IIT Bombay) etc. Initial planning is a very crucial point for any successful project; having a centralized Cloud Server instead of a traditional physical giant server will provide a solution for one of the major ICT integration problems. Google is one of the major cloud service providers; the main feature of its cloud server is tha

Is AI Better than Human or Can Beat Human? by Prem Mohan

A significant question arises; Is AI better than human or can beat human? Answer is: Yes, AI can beat humans yet doesn’t mean it's better than humans. In a recent incident in October 2017, Artificial intelligence has beaten one of NASA’s world-class pilots in a drone race. There are other examples also where AI beat humans such as Chess Game or so on. Yet, it does not mean the machine was more capable. Actually, there are lots of factors that affect human performance. What is the main factor where humana are lacking: It is Emotion. Emotionlessness makes machines a machine and emotions make humans human. Emotional factors such as mood swings, anxiety, performance pressure or any emotional setback may affect human performance. P V Sindhu’s final losses and Sachin Tendulkar's 90s fear is well known. It does not make them less talented players. Actually, Machines do not understand the pressure of big matches or significance of medals or centuries. It is like deaf person

Artificial Intelligence will have More Social Reforms than Commercial Evolution Article by Prem Mohan

AI is the future, it's true there will be lots of commercial reforms or revolution in the near future. Robot Waiters, Virtual Assistants, Robot cars and even Robot Surgeons and Robot Scientists are not far away. Then, why, am I saying that AI will be more valuable for society rather than commercially; It is said that things that can’t be bought from money are precious. Let’s understand it by example: I have a car but I don’t want to drive then I can hire a driver by paying some money. It becomes automated for me either by technology or by money. I am having the same comfort or convenience. It does not affect me whether it is done by human or technology. Now another scenario, where Specially abled person who is not able to talk; can he hire someone for doing his task by paying some money or lots of money? NO, the answer is BIG NO. Technologies as Neurotechnologies can convert their intention into output. Can you imagine how vital these technologies for them? Microsoft re